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This is the unofficial LiveJournal community for fans of up and coming Scottish band Franz Ferdinand who, since I wrote this profile, have gotten themselves quite big. Ooo-err!

Running since mid-July 2003, this is the oldest Franz Ferdinand community on the interweb (as far as I know) and although you may not have a LiveJournal - they're free, so you might as well get one and join in!

For a completely comprehensive guide to Franz Ferdinand, you should go to ff.org. It is by far the best site out there on the band, and we'd never try to claim we were a reliable news source while that site is around.

But this journal right here is just for fans who want to talk about any aspect of Franz Ferdinand without limit, and so it will remain. Originally I started out by posting news updates on the band but their success has ballooned so much that I can't possibly keep up with it. So contribute!

If you have some news you'd like to share about FF that hasn't already been posted up, please do so. Nobody is "in charge" of giving the news out, so you might as well treat this community as your own and put your feet up. However, since this community has become larger, I'm having to put some helpful rules in place:

* Please put pictures over 500x500 pixels under a cut, not everybody has unlimited broadband.
* Don't post a news story or question (Asking what the song 'Michael' is about springs to mind) and preceed it with "I don't know if this has been posted before". Check - because you're just going to end up getting loads of moaning comments.
* Before posting, ask yourself "is this REALLY necessary?" - the community being as popular as it is it's a bastard for blocking up friends pages. Don't make it harder than it needs to be.
* Remember Franz Ferdinand are a pop group who make catchy songs for all to enjoy. They don't belong to you, or anyone - they're not scenester elite fodder. So before moaning about them selling lots of records and appearing on popular compilation albums, remember that they deserve it. Good bands deserve recognition. You'd only be complaining that they were underrated if they weren't doing this.
* When introducing yourself - saying "I JUST JOINED AND OMG I LOVE FRANZ FERDINAND!!!111" is a bit redundant. If every single person in this community introduced themselves, one a day, we'd have over three years worth of introductions. We know you like Franz Ferdinand. I might make a thread where people can just introduce themselves in a post so it can be all neat behind one post.
* This isn't the fangirling/boying Franz Ferdinand community, if you want to do that have a look at slacken_ties. Anything goes there but here we need to be a bit more careful. Every time I've tried to explain why it just makes me look like a killjoy, but I'm not at all. Instead of trying to ruffle some feathers, it's easier for everyone concerned just to post in slacken_ties.


This journal is maintained by thewordsihate, who also runs the Original Franz Ferdinand Message Board - The New Scottish Gentry.
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